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John reports 90% relief of his back pain

“With the 90% pain relief HF10 gave me, I am fully enjoying my life again,” said John, who first injured his back in 1965 when he was unloading an ammo crate while serving in the Marines.

In spite of multiple surgeries, injections, trying a traditional spinal cord stimulator and taking morphine for years, John’s pain persisted.

“I was always so grouchy and never able to play with my grandkids or do the things I once loved because of the pain,” John said. “I had to give up working in my garden, walking, hunting and traveling from Ohio to Alabama to my vacation home.”

In August 2019 Aarti Singla, MD, MBA recommended an HF10 and John agreed. The trial was so encouraging that John moved forward to get his implant in October 2019.

“I no longer wanted to take pain medication so I weaned myself off it before my HF10 trial and I haven’t had to take one pill since,” John explained.

“My quality of life has improved so much now that I can do the things I had to give up and I’m sleeping better, too,” John continued. “I would encourage anyone who is considering HF10 to try it because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

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