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Beverly reclaimed her life from chronic sciatic pain

Beverly is an avid gardener and loves walking her dog so she powered through the sciatic pain she developed following back surgery in 2012. She tried injections and other solutions to help ease her pain but got no lasting relief until Dr. Aarti Singla, MD, MBA suggested HF10.

During her HF10 trial in early July 2019 Beverly’s pain was relieved and both her sleep and function improved. She received her implant later that month.

“Looking back, it would have been easy to give up because of the pain, but HF10 has helped me get my life back and cope,” said Beverly, who had experienced multiple losses in recent years. “When you are mentally down, it affects everything. It has made a huge difference to have less pain in my lower back and legs.”

In addition to being able to garden and walk her dogs without pain, after getting her HF10 implant Beverly was also able to achieve her goal of taking a birthday trip to New Orleans with her daughter.

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