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Arthroscopic Surgery

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Getting a diagnosis for a joint injury can sometimes be difficult, even with advances in diagnostic testing. The specialists at Wellington Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine, with four locations in Cincinnati as well as offices in Oxford, Sardinia, and West Chester, Ohio, are experts in their field and conduct arthroscopic surgery when needed to diagnose and repair conditions that affect your joints. For an evaluation to see if you would benefit from arthroscopic surgery and expert care of all of your joint issues, schedule an appointment online or by phone today at the office that’s most convenient for you.

Arthroscopic Surgery Q & A

What is Arthroscopic Surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery is a type of minimally invasive procedure that allows your surgeon at Wellington Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine to take a better look at your joint. During the procedure, they make a small incision and insert a special surgical camera so they can take a look in real-time at the components of your joint, including the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bone, to assess health and disease without having to fully open the area.

Arthroscopic surgery was initially meant to serve as a diagnostic tool to help identify joint damage that couldn’t be diagnosed by other means. But with advances in medicine, your surgeon may also be able to make repairs during your arthroscopy to help you get back to your usual activities faster.

When Do I Need Arthroscopic Surgery?

Your specialist at Wellington Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine determines if you would benefit from arthroscopic surgery after an examination, review of your medical history, and diagnostic testing. They may recommend arthroscopic surgery to confirm a suspected diagnosis or to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms if other tests fail to provide answers.

Common conditions identified during an arthroscopy include:

  • Inflammation of your joint lining
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Shoulder impingement
  • Meniscal tears
  • Loose bodies or bone fragments in a joint

Arthroscopic surgery can be conducted on any joint, but the joints most frequently examined include the knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, elbow, and wrist.

What Can I Expect from Arthroscopic Surgery?

Due to the nature of the procedure, anesthesia is used to help ease discomfort during your arthroscopy. Then, your surgeon makes a small button-size incision to insert the camera. If needed, they make additional incisions so they can insert surgical instruments to correct any abnormalities.

After your arthroscopic surgery is complete, your incisions are covered with dressings and you’re moved to a recovery room for monitoring. You should be able to go home the same day.

Your recovery may vary depending on the extent of repair your surgeon completed during your arthroscopic surgery. You might also require therapy following your surgery to help restore joint function.

For expert care of all of your joint issues, call Wellington Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine or schedule an appointment online today.